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Frottage – ultimate guide

What is frottage?

Frottage refers to all kinds of non-penetrative sex and or outercourse. It can also be called frot or frotting. Frotting has a slightly different definition of the enactment of rubbing penises together, which also at times may include rubbing of testicles for pleasure. The history of the term stems from the French with the word, frotter meaning to rub.

Someone who is a frottage fan will likely enjoy rubbing up against another person for sexual stimulation. You may have heard this term in another way, dry humping. Frotting can be with people who are of the same gender, either male, both female, or male and female. Frotting for sexual stimulation and release can be either a clothed or unclothed act or a bit of both.

In a non-sexual context, it refers to an art technique that’s considered surrealist method using a pencil and other drawing materials to create a rubbing of a textured surface.

The term has also been described as the non-consensual rubbing of a man’s genitals against an inanimate object or an unaware person’s body who tends to be a stranger. Non-consensual frotting may happen in larger events like music festivals.

As a reminder, it’s always important to get consent and to communicate your desires with a potential sexual mate.

Frottage and gay men

When one typically thinks about frottage, one tends to think of the connection between gay men as it typically is all about penises rubbing against one another. Even though frottage is an umbrella term for rubbing for sexual pleasure and stimulation, the term seems to be used the most in the LGBTIA+ community.

There are several ways homosexual men can explore this with one another including sitting and or standing lovers facing each other. They come close together and usually; one partner will masturbate in both penises at the same time. Partners may also lay down in opposite directions so that their hard cocks meet in the middle and then one partner can reach down and fap both cocks.

Frotting feels good for men who are consensual because of the friction it creates. There is a spot underneath the head of the penis, called the frenulum that contains lots of nerves and feels fantastic when stimulated. For some, frotting may be hotter and more stimulating than handjobs.

This may serve as great foreplay for gay men and an alternative to anal sex. It may bring closeness and intimacy in a different way and may be a better form of sexual play for some. Frotting may be the main sexual action for some partners and for others; it may be some side play or foreplay. Frotting may be enjoyed in casual relationships or as a way to spice things up in the bedroom between couples.

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How about tribbing?

Sometimes frottage may be referred to as tribbing. Tribbing refers to when two vulvas rub together. It’s vulva-to-vulva intercourse with legs intertwined and is often referred to as the scissoring position. This may involve rubbing the vulva on the partner’s thigh, stomach, butt, arm, or another body part. Tribbing or tribadism is then a sexual practice between women. Besides the scissoring position, tribbing can be experienced in missionary, a woman on top position, and a doggy style position. Women may also use sex toys and or fingers for the increased pleasure of lovers.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage technique that is full body and full pleasure. It’s done using a topical gel and that is rubbed all over the receiver’s body and then the person giving the massage rubs them using their entire body. It involves rubbing bodies together and in a sexual way, it can include some tribbing. This can be a great way for couples to rekindle the flame.

Frottage and roleplay

Role-playing with the use of frottage may be a way to increase pleasure and excitement in the bedroom. You could add an element of frotting in your next role-play exploration when communicating with your partner. Communication is always key and by expressing your desires with a sexual partner or lover, you have a better chance of getting what you want.

One way to have frottage role-play or erotic game is to do a little cock rubbing roleplay and the bigger guys gets to top that day or bottom that day, depending on your preferences of course.

So, what’s so hot about frot? It’s an intimate expression of love or sexual play. Two men standing face-to-face, heart-to-heart, and cock-to-cock can be a prolonged full-body pleasure that’s highly romantic and has a free feeling and even innocence about it.

Is frotting a safe way to play?

Frotting is one of the safest ways to explore sexually however, do keep in mind that it’s still feasible to pass an STI between partners through frotting through skin-to-skin contact. However, there is no penetration or fluid transfer so it’s less likely that an STI will be contracted. It’s always encouraged to chat to your sexual partner(s) about their health and get tested regularly. You could also use condoms to minimize the risk.

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Frottage – ultimate guide

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