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Best Foot Fetish positions

What is a foot fetish?

A foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet. Toes, ankles, and feet are turn-ons. The varieties within someone having a foot fetish are large. Painted toes turn on some feet enthusiasts, massaging someone’s feet, and other adornments. While other people get turned on by simply looking at their feet. Many other individuals get excited by smelling dirty feet, or by playing with feet and toes in their mouths and other parts of their bodies. Foot fetishes are more common than you may think.

Feet are covered with nerve endings making you feel sensations on your feet more intensely. That’s why tickling, rubbing, and massaging feet are often sought after by all kinds of people. If feet turn on you or your partner, there’s no reason to feel ashamed. There are many ways you and your partner can play that satisfies both of your sexual interests.

Below you’ll learn some ways to satisfy a foot fetish and some sweet sexual positions to explore.

Ways to satisfy a foot fetish

If your partner has a foot fetish and you want to give a chance for him or her to be fully satisfied sexually, the best way to start is a conversation. You can learn what your partner likes about feet and in what way does he or she like to play with feet, shoes, toes, and ankles. Once you know what turns your man or woman on, you can easily satisfy their craving and it will likely give you brownie points to request that your sexual interest and desires are also met.

The answer on how to satisfy a foot fetish then varies from person to person. Below you can find some ideas and methods to explore.

Foot Massage &Pedicures

When I think about a foot fetish the first thing that comes to mind is a sensual massage. The feet have plenty of pressure points that are associated with various other parts of the body. In reflexology, twenty different areas link to areas within the body. By keeping the places of the feet associated with the pelvic region, you’re in for a treat. By the way, it’s the heal of your foot.

A pedicure makes your (or your partner’s) feet pretty and touchable. It may be the precursor for more foot action. A pedicure also feels good as someone is usually doing the pedicure for you.

Sexy Footwear & Masturbating

Some people with foot adoration enjoy sexy footwear like high heels. Play around with wearing heels or watching your lover wear them as you make love. Some people even like masturbating with a shoe. They may want to rub against a shoe or rub a shoe against them. Or they may like to simply look at a shoe while touching themselves.

Foot jobs and genital play

Some people enjoy getting their genitals stimulated with feet. You can try exploring a foot job or touching genital areas with your feet or your partner can do that to you. If you or your partner loves to get off while feet are touching and or caressing your cock or vulva, have at it!

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Sexual positions to try

Many fun sexual positions position you or your partner in a way to maximize pleasure including feet and of course other body parts. Below you can read on about some of the best sexual positions to explore if you or your partner has a foot fetish. Sexual positions pattern you and your partner’s bodies uniquely and get you ready to get it on! The best advice is to try all the positions and find a few that work best for you and your partner. Happy exploring!

The T Strap

The T Strap is when you both lie on your side and the woman shifts so they are perpendicular to the guy, which makes a T. The woman can bend her knees so that her feet are in the guy’s face. This position calls for deep penetration and possible toe licking and sucking, many enjoy this movement.

The Doormat

The person who enjoys feet lays on their back with their palms up. In the doormat position, the other person will sit in a chair and rub their feet all over the other person laying down. The person in the chair has the command and the person laying down will have to surrender to where they put their feet and what they areallowedto do to them.

The Foot Sniffer

Another great chair position, the foot sniffer has one person on the floor on their back. The other person can use a prop like a crop pointed down as they are sitting on a chair. The person laying down must reach for the prop that is near the person’s feet making them smell, lick, and kiss their feet. This can lead to other kinds of sexual play.

The Wedge

In this position, the guy sits on his heels and pulls the woman’s hips up into his lap. He can hold onto the woman’s legs where he can kiss, lick, and worship her feet. The angle in this position makes for deep penetration!

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