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Butt Plugs - A Beginner's Guide

What is a butt plug and why should I use one?

A butt plug is a sexual toy intended for anal play. Butt plugs tend to be narrower in the neck and have a wider base to ensure that the toy doesn’t accidentally fall slip into the anus. There is a variety of butt plus made from various materials, different textures, and some even have a vibration feature.

Using a butt plug has many benefits that may make you want to consider exploring and trying it out. If your anus is looking for extra stimulation a butt plug can assist. You can maximize your sexual experience for a more intense orgasm. Using butt plugs helps you prepare for anal sex and prepares you for what’s to come. Butt plugs may increase vaginal pleasure. Having your pussy penetrated while also using a butt plug may seem daunting but it offers intense pleasure.

If for anything else, using a butt plug can help you learn about yourself and different sensations. Anal beads may be something you want to explore as well as it offers a longer and bulbous version of a plug. Using the right toy can truly make for a magical experience solo or with a partner.

How to use a butt plug

Using a butt plug for the first time may seem daunting but with the right information, you will likely enjoy your experience. Communication is key. If you’re experiencing ass play with a partner(s), be sure to talk things out prior to and during butt plug insertion. If the toy feels uncomfortable or your partner is going too fast, you need to be able to communicate your needs clearly at the moment.

Good hygiene practices are important. Wash your toy every time before and after usage. You can even consider putting a condom on the butt plug if necessary. It’s also important to keep in mind that you need to relax before insertion. Try a finger or two and do some foreplay with your partner or yourself before going right to the toy.

Use lots of lubricants, the more the better as you don’t want any problems with that as it may hurt if it’s not properly lubed. You can use the butt plug while engaging in other sexual acts like penetrative sex.

How to choose a butt plug for me

Choosing your first butt plug is a very personal choice and obviously one between you and your butt. It’s highly recommended to buy your first butt plug in person at an adult boutique so you can ask questions to staff who know all about the products and see the various types of toys. There are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing your first butt plug and that includes the material that the toy is made from, maintenance and cleanup procedure, cost, lube, and size.

If you live far away from a highly recommended adult shop, you can always purchase your first butt plug online, however, I strongly recommend you go to websites where customer service is key in case you have questions before your purchase.

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What about lube?

The butt doesn’t have any self-lubing power and you must use lubricant in your butt play practices. That includes anything from using a toy, to a finger or other more intense stimulation. Keep in mind that if you’re using a butt plug with multiple sexual partners, it’s important to stay safe and one way you can do so is by putting a condom over the butt plug before insertion. Silicone and water-based lubes are the best. Oil-based lubes may break down latex over time.

If you’re new to lubricants, there’s nothing wrong with a little experimentation. Purchase silicone and water-based lubes and try them both out to see what you and your partner(s) prefer. Silicone-based lubes may be the best option because it’s typically thicker than other lubricants and tends to last longer than water-based.

Another thing to consider is what your butt plug is made from. When using a silicone toy, try out a water-based lube. Other materials like glass and stainless-steel toys work well with any type of lube.

Size does matter

Prior to getting slowly rammed by a toy, it’s important to experiment with something smaller like a finger. Lube up your finger or ask your partner to help you out. Circle your anus with the finger and then slowly and gently guide it in. Once you’re able to comfortably put a couple of fingers in your butt, you may be able to go further by lathering up your butt plug and slowly putting it inside you. The key to any butt play is relaxation.

You never want to try anything too big right away without deep breathing and relaxing (and inching your way up to a small butt plug). Take your time and do things at your pace.

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