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All about spitting fetish

What is a spitting fetish?

A spitting fetish is someone who gets turned on by spit and is usually associated with BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism). With every kink and fetish, there are levels to it. Some may use spit for lubrication and masturbation, while others may like it when you spit in their mouths. If you or your partner gets aroused by being spit on or spitting on someone else, you (or they) may have a spitting fetish.

There is another fetish that is like the spitting fetish called the saliva fetish. Although both sexual interests use the same liquid, saliva fetish people get off on the feel, appearance, and sensation of the saliva on their skin and someone with a spit fetish tends to enjoy the humiliation aspect of being spat on or humiliating someone else by spitting on them.

Why do people like to spit during sexual play?

So, why do people like to play with spit during sexual play? Everyone probably has their personal reasons behind it, but it could come from the idea that spit is similar looking and feeling of cum so perhaps there is a link between the two.

The person being spitted on probably enjoys being submissive and or subservient to their partner(s). They may see it as a form of surrender. As for the individual doing the spitting, they could enjoy it in a dominant way or perhaps they want to see themselves above their sexual partners. Perhaps, their sexual partner is in handcuffs or tied up in some fashion, making the dominant feel the power and control of what happens to their partner, and how their partner may look messy with spit on them may be a turn-on for some.

Some historical information

In the past and in past books like theUrantia Bookit’s clear that saliva and spitting were seen as a compliment and even a deviant way to induce sexual behavior. Religious text demonizes spitting on others but as it may be associated with the devil or demons- it could be understood as another translation of hot to some.

While the spitting fetish may not be as common as a foot fetish, it is still popular to enjoy having happened to you once in your lifetime if you’re lucky (or unlucky depending on your preferences).

Ways to satisfy someone with a spitting fetish

There are many manners and means to satisfy someone with a spitting fetish. Whether it’s you or someone else you know, playing with spit can be hot and it all boils down to individuals’ interests, turn-ons, and preferences. No matter what your sexual desires and fetishes happen to be, when you communicate clearly before a sexual situation occurs, you can get consent, find out more from your partners, and come to some agreement about what’s okay and what’s not okay in the sack.

Below you will find and read about some helpful ways to reach that satisfaction point with yourself and or a partner.


Communication is important no matter who you are and what you’re doing. Communication about sex is very important especially when there is a fetish or kink involved. Tell your partner(s) your boundaries, your interests, what turns you on, and what you like. Be willing and open to fulfill their sexual request to get what you want too. Talk it out and see where you both stand and then go from there. This will short-circuit many problems in bed.

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The original lube

Spit is the original lube, and you don’t have to go to a convenience store to get some. Save your money and get creative using your partner's spit to get you ready for action. Whether you enjoy spitting or being spit on, you can use the liquid from your mouth or the mouth of another as a natural lubricant. You can use spit as a lubricant in many different fashions. You can apply the spit in various forms such as fingering, anal play, footjobs, handjobs, and more.

BDSM and spit

It’s interesting how BDSM comes into play with persons having a spitting fetish. If you want to spit on somebody, you likely want to have dominance and be in control. If you like the idea of being spat on, you may be seeking domination or wanting to be sexually humiliated. If you want to feel intense feelings of submission, let someone spit on you sexually and observe how it makes you feel.

Many people may be turned off by this kind of play that’s way is important to discuss with your partner what works for the both of you and what is a red flag and no. Have fun and always play dirty!

Ways to enjoy the spit fetish

Now that you understand the spitting fetish is likely intertwined with BDSM practices or ideas, you can go ahead and explore some of the best ways to enjoy spit with your sexual partner(s) and yourself.

One technique to try is called thedomina kisswhere the dominant person or the person who wants to spit, drips spit from their mouth to yours.

Another sexy spit idea to try is called the spit bukkake where spit comes from a distance from multiple ladies (or men) to your face). This could be good for sissy and humiliation play.

The baby food technique is when spit is served as a drink and may be mixed with food like a banana or chocolate. This may be great for age regression play and human pets training.

You can also create your own spitting ritual and sexual experience. What works for you and your partner? There’s only one-way to find out; experiment and explore!

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All about spitting fetish

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